Hip Hop Project Screening

Film Screening with Talkback

“Executive produced by Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah, “The Hip Hop Project” is the inspiring story of Kazi, a formerly homeless teenager who inspires a group of New York City youth the to transform their stories into powerful works of art.”

This multimedia presentation features a screening of The Hip Hop Project, an award-winning documentary  film that highlights the work and pedagogy of Kazi  [click here to watch the trailer].

Immediately following the 85-minute movie, Kazi comes out and engages the audiences in a 15 minute talkback and performance.

He also provides a discussion/activity guide for teachers to continue the conversation in their classrooms. 

To bring Kazi and the The Hip Hop Project to your community, contact us by clicking here.


“Kazi’s story resonated with the youth we work with. As the movie came to it’s conclusion the youth, who were totally enthralled  in the film, were further surprised when Kazi stood up in the theater and began to rap along with his song in the closing credits. The crowd erupted. Kazi then spoke from his heart to the youth in the theatre. He moved many to tears and even more to realize that success is possible for them as well.”Thomas Owens [Director, Communities In Schools]